Going back to basics: Annie Barsoum’s Vox Performance Project experience

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Being a participant in the Vox Performance Project has been incredible! Personally, I have struggled significantly with my training due to the dreaded imposter syndrome and being relatively new to the sport of triathlon I can sometimes be impatient with seeing adequate progress but the support of Voxwomen has been great!  I have gone back to basics and just tried to focus on enjoying my training again rather than getting frustrated. Injury has also played a part. I am currently awaiting an MRI on my knee which has added another complication to training. I am hopeful of getting some answers and being able to train pain free soon!

Using the Supersapiens glucose monitors has been incredibly useful! I have struggled with nutrition since I began my journey into long distance triathlon but now I can see it objectively and it has been great to understand what it feels like when you fuel properly for an FTP test for example. I have begun to understand how different products influence blood glucose at different rates and for various periods of time. Playing around with different foods has been really interesting and has helped a lot to fuel different types of sessions appropriately. I used to begin every session under-fuelled and would just plummet further but now I am starting to learn when to eat and what foods are the best to use. Don’t get me wrong it is really complicated and I am still trying to work out how to eat enough but as someone who knows nutrition was a big factor in my first Iron distance triathlon being such a tough day out I am determined to continue working on it with the help of Supersapiens and Precision Fuel and Hydration.

Using products from Precision Fuel and Hydration has been fantastic! I have never used their products before but they are of a very high quality and as someone who has struggled with GI issues running their products have become very easy to use! I use the electrolytes on all of my endurance sessions now and I am excited to prepare my nutrition plan ready for the upcoming season. Previously I found electrolytes I have used have been hard to drink as they just tasted so sugary, but those from Precision fuel and Hydration are easy to drink and don’t leave a nasty taste in your mouth afterwards. Hydration is another aspect of endurance triathlon I have struggled with and still find it hard to drink enough but after completing sweat testing I have a better understanding as to how much fluid I lose during exercise and that I am not a very salty sweater. This feeds into my hydration strategy so I fuel to my individual needs rather than generically.

I am excited to use all I have learnt in my first race of the season at Outlaw Half and whilst I won’t be at peak fitness the goal of fuelling correctly will be a great test as I move towards my main goals for this year!

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