Vox Performance Project Launched

Women’s cycling has been given another boost as leading industry brands; Supersapiens, Precision Hydration and Zwift have partnered with international women’s cycling media hub, Voxwomen to form the Voxwomen Performance Project. 

The Performance Project will highlight the importance of education around nutrition to provide maximal sporting gains. 

The four brands ran a competition online to give ten female riders the opportunity to gain unlimited access to specialists at Supersapiens and Precision Hydration, over a six-month period. Their guidance will equip them with insider knowledge to help enhance their cycling performance. The project also offers a platform for them to train upon throughout their six-month journey via indoor cycling app, Zwift. 

Anthony McCrossan, Voxwomen Founder, said: “Despite an influx of women into the sport over recent years, the women’s cycling market is not as engaged with the nutrition industry as you may imagine. We are delighted with the project interest and the competition response – the number of entries that we have received is overwhelming. 

We have selected ten lucky riders that are all completely different – they each have different goals and challenges to overcome and we are looking forward to helping to provide guidance and support over the initial six months.”

Each of the ten riders have all chosen a cycling challenge for the up-coming year – and these include: the Torino-Nice Rally, London-Edinburgh-London (LEL) Audax, Ironman time related goals plus more. 

To kick off the project, the riders will participate in a Zwift FTP test to assess their current fitness and the project will continue to monitor and highlight their progress via the Voxwomen social media channels. To learn more about the selected ten riders, click here: https://www.voxwomen.com/participants 

McCrossan added: We are delighted to be working with Supersapiens, Precision Hydration and Zwift on this project. They are all brands that champion women’s cycling and want to play their part in helping to educate more people on the benefits of understanding nutrition and training, whilst also raising more awareness of the sport.” 

The Performance Project will also provide educational content through Voxwmen’s social media channels to help cyclists acquire knowledge around nutrition, which they can implement within their own training to achieve their performance goals. 

Supersapiens CEO and Founder Phil Southerland, said: “ “The Voxwomen Performance Project aligns perfectly with the values behind Supersapiens: to empower athletes of all ages and abilities to discover endless energy. Since launching a year ago, we’ve focused on supporting programs that prioritize diversity and inclusion. At Supersapiens, we believe that every human is an athlete and the Voxwomen Performance Project supports athletes from a budding development team rider up to women embracing incredible cycling challenges later in life. We are eager to work together with the other partners involved in this program to help these motivated riders maximize their training and increase performance gains so they can go faster for longer.” 

Andy Blow, Co-Founder of Precision Hydration Precision Hydration, added: “Precision Hydration help athletes personalise their hydration and fuelling strategies because everyone is different and so a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t cut it. Participants in the Voxwomen Performance Project are engaging in regular one-on-one video consultations to discuss and refine their approach to fuelling and hydration, and receiving products that match their individual needs. This will include early access to exciting new fuelling products that are currently in development.

“The Voxwomen Performance Project is something we’re delighted to be a part of as it’s going to give the women who take part the tools and support they need to take their performance and enjoyment of cycling to the next level. We’ve really enjoyed meeting the first group of athletes and hearing their stories and goal and we’re looking forward to helping them perform at their best as they strive towards them.” 

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