Vox Performance Project Weekly Update 

We have chosen ten riders to join us for the Performance Project with the aim of providing nutritional guidance to help to heighten their cycling performance. 

The project will run for six months and we’ll be keeping you up to date on how they’re getting on.  Here are the top updates on the VOX Performance Project journey from Philippa Draper, Coreen Mazzocchi, Sarah Cockin, Sophie Hamer and Holly Draper this week: 

  • The riders have been working on where to put their Supersapien Biosenser (https://www.supersapiens.com). The placement of the biosensor is crucial to enable it to provide the correct nutritional information. Ready for a ride – Philippa shows us her perfect biosensor placement

  • Holly did a 309km Audax last weekend. She started at 10pm on Friday evening and she cycled throughout the early hours until lunchtime on Saturday. A fantastic effort! Holly will be providing more details on this in her blog and how she fuelled her ride very soon. Watch this space… 

  • It’s been a snowy weekend for many and so the riders turned to their indoor trainers.  Philippa put in 50km session on Zwift (https://www.zwift.com/ )  rather than heading out on the icy roads – and you can certainly see why Sarah didn’t want to go out in the Peak District. Check out the snowy landscape! 


  • There’s more snow for Sophie too – she has enjoyed beautiful views overlooking the Rhone Valley. Thyron 2000 is just out of the picture but it’s a climb the Tour de Romandie Feminin will tackle in 2022. 

  • There’s been better cycling weather for Coreen. She’s been enjoying the hills around Lake Garda in Italy with her two friends. She’s been using Precision Hydration 500 (https://www.precisionhydration.com/products/ph-500-electrolyte-drink-mix/)  – and that, coupled with plain boiled potatoes (!) seem to be working well for her longer rides according to her Supersapiens biosensor. However earlier in the week she discovered that eating earlier into her ride and refueling more frequently was key to maintaining her glucose levels.  

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