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Vox Performance Project

Are you enjoying cycling and trying to understand all the elements of what improves your riding?  Do you have a challenge in mind?  Have you just started riding and want to work out how to clinch your local QOM on Strava.  Or do you dream of completing a certain sportive?  You may have more lofty goals and want to finish in the top 3 on a Zwift race or go and ride Mont Ventoux? Or even have ambitions of being a professional cyclist? No matter what your level or your aims this project has something for you. Voxwomen was founded to encourage more fans of women’s cycling and to inspire more women to ride.  Everything we do is about achieving that and now with a group of incredible partners we are ready to help a group of you achieve your goals with the very best expertise at your fingertips.  Today we launch the start of the Vox Performance Project in association with Supersapiens along with the support of Zwift and Precision Hydration.  It’s a project we’re incredibly excited about, and we would love you to be one of our lucky project team!

What is the Vox Performance Project?

10 women will be selected to form the initial Vox Performance Project team.  For 6 months you will be supported in your goals with product and advice from Supersapiens, Zwift and Precision Hydration.  Each month you will have online project sessions including some of the in house experts from Supersapiens and Precision Hydration.  All your questions will be answered to help you understand your body better by using Supersapiens as the leading energy management system, to help with your training and competition fuelling strategies using Precision Hydration and we will help you train optimally on Zwift with free support. 

Your feedback will be listened to by these global brands and your journey will be documented on Voxwomen’s blog.  

How does it work?

Initially 10 lucky women will be selected to take part in the 6 month programme.  To enter our first wave of the Vox Performance Project you must be resident in UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland or Luxembourg.

Selected riders will receive: Membership to the Supersapiens ecosystem, including access to the Supersapiens app and a six-month supply of Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensors.

Support from Precision Hydration including regular one-on-one video calls to discuss and refine your hydration and fuelling strategy. 6 months supply of Hydration and fuelling products that match your individual needs (based on consultations and experimentation in training). Early access to new tools and products aimed at helping you stay fuelled and hydrated.

A free Zwift account to use for 6 months with access to all the online training programmes, monitoring tools and races. 

What will we ask of you?

To commit to a monthly performance project session with the other members of the project and the experts from the brands.

To take part in feedback sessions on the products you are using.  

To write a monthly blog on what you are learning and how things are developing to be published on

To profile your journey on social media.  


How do I enter?

Applications are open for the next 2 weeks, closing on Friday 1st October

About our partners of the Vox Performance Project:


Supersapiens is thrilled to announce our participation in the Vox Performance Project. Supersapiens is a sports performance company focused on energy management systems that empower athletes to discover endless energy and go faster for longer. We hope to inspire athletes to reach their performance goals and give them access to the data needed to achieve their dreams.

As part of the Vox Performance Project, selected participants will win a membership to the Supersapiens ecosystem, including access to the Supersapiens app and a six-month supply of Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensors.

“I am very excited to help launch the Vox Performance Project to empower athletes of all ages and abilities to discover endless energy. I’m passionate about developing programs that focus on diversity and inclusion. At Supersapiens, we believe that anybody with a goal is an athlete, and the Vox Performance Project is open to any athlete – ranging from someone who just bought their first bike up to the budding professional. We look forward to working together with the Voxwomen team to help the selected participants maximize their training and increase performance gains with well-fueled workouts.” – Supersapiens CEO and Founder Phil Southerland.

Precision Hydration 

Precision Hydration help athletes personalise their hydration and fuelling strategies because everyone is different and so a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t cut it. Participants in the Vox Performance Project will be offered regular one-on-one video consultations to discuss and refine their approach to fuelling and hydration, as well as products that match their individual needs. This will include early access to exciting new fuelling products that are currently in development.

“The Vox Performance Project is something we’re delighted to be a part of as it’s going to give the women who take part the tools and support they need to take their performance and enjoyment of cycling to the next level. We’re really looking forward to meeting the first group of athletes and to helping them achieve their goals.” – Andy Blow, Co-Founder of Precision Hydration


The Vox Performance Project team will be given 12 months free access to Zwift. Zwift blends the fun of video games with the intensity of serious training helping you get faster.  Choose from training plans, group rides, races and more,  You’ll get fitter and stronger.  

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