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The Women’s Tour has revealed the stages of this year’s edition. The race starts on 7 June in Stratford-upon-Avon and finishes on 11 June with a circuit race in Birmingham. More details can be found here.

Two cyclocross races have been added to the UCI calendar: Melgaco in Portugal on 22 October, and Veneto in Italy on 17 December.

Due to a problem with authorisation permits, some of the stages of the Trofeo Ponente in Rosa had to be cancelled. The regions hosting the event were concerned with a potential lack of safety along the routes and did not issue the required permission to go ahead with the stages.

Bad weather in some parts of Europe has made racing impossible. The GP Oetingen had to be cancelled due to snowfall overnight which would have made the race unsafe. After two laps, Drentse Acht van Westerveld in the Netherlands also had to be cancelled due to snow, while Ronde van Drenthe had a later start and shortened course due to inclement weather.

Applications have opened for riders to apply to be part of the squad that the Great Britain Cycling Team will take to the first ever combined cycling world championships in Glasgow. The GB cycling team will select riders to represent their country from across seven different disciplines, including track, road, BMX freestyle park, BMX racing, mountain biking and para-cycling for road and track.

The assets of Silicon Valley Bank, one of the title sponsors of the EF Education-TIBCO-SVB team has been put under the control of the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Silicon Valley Bank, a lender to some of the biggest names in the technology world, has run out of money, becoming the largest bank to do so since the 2008 financial crisis. At this stage, it is unclear how this could affect the U.S. World Tour squad.

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Ronde van Drenthe: Lorena Wiebes (Team SD Worx) ahead of Susanne Andersen (UNO-X Pro Cycling Team) and Maike van der Duin (CANYON//SRAM Racing)


Vox Performance Project

“Understanding how to fuel is not the same as doing it, and it takes more than just data to keep you on the right track. Data can only point us in the right direction, but we have to be the ones to decide to follow it!” Have a read of Amy Cuthbertson’s blog right here


Zwift Blog

Alex Morrice recounts the amazing experience of winning the Zwift Academy, signing a pro contract with Canyon//SRAM, attending her first training camp and training with the world’s best riders. Read what she has to say right here


This week in cycling history

Annick Chapron

Chapron’s birthday was on 6 March. The now 74-year old French rider won the national title in 1971. She only started cycling a few years before that – and against her mother’s advice – but was strong-willed and determined to achieve her goals. She went on to ride in the peloton with world and national champions Elsy Jabobs and Geneviève Gambillon. In later years, her passion became cyclo-tourism, and she regularly took cyclists on guided tours through the countryside of her home region Brittany.

Society for the Construction of Cycle Paths

This past week, back in 1915, the Society for the Construction of Cycle Paths in the Netherlands was created. This society has shown great longevity and still exists today. The driving force behind this initiative was 44-year old Mrs J. Pos-Greidanus, who together with the society’s members, advocated for the construction of new dedicated cycle paths, as the increasing amount of motor traffic in the early 20th century was considered too dangerous for people to cycle. In the past, different materials were used to construct cycle paths but nowadays a material called greywacke is used, because the society does not wish to use asphalt in the fragile nature reserves that its paths also run through.


Performance Corner




Understand your sweat to nail your hydration

We all sweat differently, both in terms of the volume of fluid we lose and the saltiness of our sweat. Knowing your own sweat rate and sweat sodium concentration is crucial if you want to personalise your hydration strategy and perform at your best.

Two resources to help with that: a guide on measuring your sweat rate and how to estimate how much sodium you lose in your sweat.

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Zwift Rides of the week

The Voxwomen Club

Celebrate women’s cycling through our new club on Zwift! Here, you can be part of the journey and complete rides that cater to the busy lives we live and find motivation and enjoyment through riding. The rides will be held every other Tuesday @ 7am/11am/1pm PST (3pm/7pm/9pm GMT). Rides are approximately 40 minutes and feature special guests to lead the events.

It’s also open pace and no drop, thanks to the Zwift bubble feature, which keeps everyone together so you can ride at your own pace without being dropped from the group. The first ride is this Tuesday, so be sure to join us here!

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