Voxwomen has partnered with award-winning Peloton magazine, who were founded in 2010. The print and digital monthly magazine features bike racing, the joy of riding, the products and the people behind the technology and are an enthusiastic collective of writers, photographers, designers and bike enthusiasts.

Our partnership will be dedicated to expanding the global audience for women’s cycling in print, digital and online channels.

Peloton magazine publisher Brad Roe said: “While planning live video and digital content projects around the spring classics, we got to know Anthony and Voxwomen and quickly understood they are the best media team in women’s cycling, doing great work daily. We saw the strength and mission of Voxwomen and we’re inspired to partner with them on content, video and other projects into the future.”

Voxwomen founder Anthony McCrossan said: “As an award-winning print and digital publication, Peloton magazine partners with the Tour de France and Flanders Classics in the North American market. Their inspiring global reach and focus on storytelling, design and quality fits perfectly with our brand. In these unprecedented times we are focusing on keeping women’s cycling in the forefront of everyone’s minds. The team are working closely with our fantastic bloggers and the wider women’s peloton to bring as much content as possible each week. Alongside Peloton magazine we can get this content in front of more fans and help bring women’s cycling out of this crisis with an even larger platform. We are excited to get started.”

Roe added: “Voxwomen has been the leading voice in women’s cycling coverage since its founding in 2015 and we are honoured to work together to bring their content to Peloton magazine’s growing global audience. Voxwomen features nine bloggers, Voxwomen TV shows, podcasts and workouts that we will incorporate into all our channels. We are going from strength to strength with this partnership that came together in very challenging times. Together we can better tell the emerging story of women’s cycling and create new partnerships and coverage, and inspire a new generation of women cyclists.”

Voxwomen is a UK-based provider of live streaming, podcasts, blogs, videos and newsletters which was founded five years ago by international broadcaster Anthony McCrossan. Voxwomen features the sport’s most experienced team of women journalists and presenters, headed by Laura Winter, Hannah Walker, Emily Sutton, Lucy Hinchey and Kimberley Keay. 

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