Voxwomen Cycling Show: TV Scheduling

Have you missed the Voxwomen Cycling Show on TV? Not to worry because there are plenty more broadcasts throughout the month!

Eurosport 1

April 8th – 5:15pm

April 10th – 7:45am, 4pm

Bike Channel

April 7th – 7pm (Episode 4 of Series 1)

April 8th – 1am, 7am, 1pm (Episode 4/5/4 of Series 1)

April 9th – 1pm (Episode 5 of Series 1)


Episode 1

April 15th – 6:30pm (SuperSport Five/Africa/Nigeria)

April 16th – 2:30am (SuperSport Seven/Africa/Nigeria)

– 9:30pm (Episode 1, SuperSport Seven/Africa/Nigeria)

April 17th – 1:30pm (SuperSport Six/Six Africa)

– 2pm (Select SA Go)

April 18th – 3pm (SuperSport Six/Six Africa)

Episode 2

April 15th – 8:30am (Supersport Two/Two Africa)

April 18th – 10:30 (Supersport Two/Two Africa)

April 20th – 2am (Supersport Two/Two Africa)

– 11:50am (SuperSport Seven/Africa/Nigeria)

April 23rd – 5am (SuperSport Six/Africa)

April 25th – 4:15am (Select SA Go/Supersport Select SA)


May 22nd

June 5th

July 31st

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