Voxwomen announces ambassador scheme

At Voxwomen our stated mission is to inspire more people to be fans of women’s cycling, encourage more people to ride bikes, and to support the growth of women’s cycling by showcasing the stories of the athletes.

Over the last few months we have set up and started both our Zwift and Strava clubs to support this mission and these are growing steadily and organically.  Now we are ready to go a step further. We’re reaching out to our amazing fan base because we believe in the power of your passion for women’s cycling. Voxwomen is now in search of dedicated ambassadors to help promote women’s cycling and support our mission.

So, would you like to be part of our next stage of development and have a direct impact in supporting and growing the sport we all love? Here is what we are looking for and what you will get in return:

Voxwomen Ambassador Requirements

  • Lead two Zwift rides monthly.
  • Be a vocal advocate for Voxwomen and its mission*.
  • Actively engage with Voxwomen’s social media and clubs – like, comment, share!

In return we will support you with:

  • Complimentary 1-year Zwift subscription.
  • Recognition on Voxwomen’s website, highlighting your commitment.
  • Exclusive Voxwomen merchandise delivered throughout the year.

We are looking for ambassadors in different territories across the world so please apply if this excites you. We want to hear from you.

To apply click here

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