Vos Takes Leader’s Jersey

Marianne Vos has taken over the leader’s jersey in La Vuelta Femenina. For a long time during the fast stage, she seemed to have a good chance of winning, but in the end she had to acknowledge Kristen Faulkner, who soloed to victory by way of a late attack. Behind Faulkner, Vos sprinted to third place.

In this, the fourth stage of the first grand tour of the year, the riders had to be prudent right from the start. The strong wind quickly caused echelons in the peloton. Vos, Riejanne Markus, and Sophie von Berswordt were alert, quickly creating a gap with fifteen other riders, compared to the thinned-out peloton.

The peloton seemed to be catching up with the leading group 60 kilometres before the finish, but remained stuck with a half-minute gap. The leading group, with hard work from Vos, Markus, and Von Berswordt, managed to stay just out of reach. In the final kilometres, the American Faulkner ultimately proved to have the best legs.

“Faulkner’s attack was very strong,” Vos said. “It was a tough race from the start. In the beginning, we were maybe a little too far in the back, but fortunately we were soon able to move to the front. It was good to see that Riejanne and Sophie were also in the front group when the decisive split occurred. The three of us rode well, but unfortunately, one person proved to be too strong. Faulkner is the deserved winner.”

By winning the intermediate sprint and finishing third in the final result, Vos takes over the leader’s jersey from Blanka Vas. “It wasn’t the main goal today, but of course, it’s always nice to ride in the leader’s jersey,” Vos said triumphantly.

The race continues tomorrow with a no-doubt thrilling 113.9 km stage from Huesca to Jaca.

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