UAE Team ADQ Launch Women In Motion

UAE Team ADQ – UAE’s first professional Women’s cycling team has announced the launch of its campaign, Women in Motion, aimed at driving positive change within the global women’s cycling industry. The launch happens with a special jersey during the Team’s participation at Tour de France Femmes 2023.

UAE Team ADQ is a professional world tour women’s cycling team representing the UAE on a global stage. Established in 2021, the team comprises passionate professionals, including 16 talented riders, all engaged in transforming the female cycling industry. UAE Team ADQ is founded on the principles of excellence and ownership. The team has made significant milestones in the promotion of women’s cycling in its brief but rigorous 20 month existence. Since 2022, UAE Team ADQ has tailor-made a unique “Development Program focused on Emirati female talents”. With this program and in alignment with the team’s core values, UAE team ADQ is opening unique and professional pathways for Emirati talents who aspire to have a professional cycling career. The team works at the grass-root level to identify, develop, and nurture talents and create future women’s cycling champions. Jan 2023 saw the creation of the “UAE Development Team” a unique format providing the structure and knowledge to improve athletes’ cycling skills, while allowing them to grow without pressure and gain experience through world tour races and development races.

Wmn_moving Forward has been UAE Team ADQ’s social and community-oriented platform since Day 1. The objective is to democratise and provide a safe and enjoyable environment for UAE-based women to join the sport. By adopting this approach, UAE Team ADQ aims to break down barriers to entry and inspire more Emirati women to embrace cycling at all levels, nurturing a growth mindset and fostering participation in the thriving women’s cycling movement.

The sustainability approach and the ESG metrics are part of the core business of the team. As part of the key Social Impact Pillar, UAE Team ADQ has created a Corporate Cycling Program to promote cycling in the workplace. The aim is to target UAE-based firms interested in long-term programs to enhance the well-being and health of female employees through cycling.

To amplify the campaign’s message, UAE Team ADQ has unveiled a unique jersey that will be proudly worn by all its riders during the highly anticipated Tour de France Femmes 2023 from 23rd to 30th July. This jersey symbolises the team’s core values of diversity and opportunities. It represents unity and support for the women’s cycling industry, showcasing UAE Team ADQ’s commitment to driving positive change.

The jersey design embodies the principles of equity, and opportunities within the industry. It displays women’s faces and silhouettes painted on a white background with the UAE Team ADQ colours, representing the vibrant diversity of women in cycling, and highlights the positive impact that all stakeholders can generate for women worldwide. The faces represent the diversity and opportunities available to any woman regardless of her origin and background as well as the potential that all the Cycling stakeholders can generate for all women worldwide. The jersey supports messages of “You matter”, “limitless opportunities” and “take the lead” campaigns developed for Tour de France Femme avec Zwift 2023. By championing equal opportunities, supporting talent, and amplifying the voices of women cyclists, this initiative aims to bring about positive and lasting change.

María Camila García, Head of Strategy at UAE Team ADQ, said about the campaign, “UAE Team ADQ’s promise of delivering value to sponsors, investors, fans, athletes, and teams in women’s sports is strengthened by this campaign and the values that we stand for. While we acknowledge that progress may be gradual and change takes time, we look forward to a future where women in sport attain their full potential and enjoy equal status with men in all respects.”

“UAE Team ADQ is working towards the healthy development of women’s cycling, advocating for fairness and equity, and promoting the popularity of women’s professional cycling in all fields. The team is committed to assisting its members in various areas of interest, including technical improvements, economic development, and more. We would like to thank our partners and stakeholders for their support and congratulate them for such a remarkable contribution, since the establishment of UAE Team ADQ. “

The Tour de France Femmes provides an unparalleled platform to generate awareness for the “Women in Motion” campaign. By donning this distinctive jersey, UAE Team ADQ aims to inspire and engage audiences from around the world.

The campaign urges a change in mindset, calling for a shift from viewing women’s sports as ‘a nice to have’ to recognising it as a ‘must have’. It invites all stakeholders to embrace the immense potential for growth in the women’s cycling market, from athletes, fitness, performance to sponsors, media coverage, suppliers, and event organisers.

The Women in Motion campaign strives to create a future where the women’s cycling thrives and flourishes by championing the potential opportunities available to women in cycling. UAE Team ADQ invites enthusiasts, industry leaders, and fans to rally together and embrace the transformative power of women in cycling!

The team explains the objectives of the campaign:

Q: What is the objective of the UAE Team ADQ Women’s Cycling Campaign?

A: The campaign aims to promote limitless opportunities within the women’s cycling industry, advocating for equal opportunities, and inclusivity, and showcasing the high-value sponsoring opportunities available. It seeks to inspire stakeholders to actively take part in creating a more thriving and mainstream future for the women’s cycling industry.

Q: Why is UAE Team ADQ focusing on championing women cycling industry stakeholders?

A: UAE Team ADQ recognises the immense potential and talent within the women’s cycling industry. By highlighting the opportunities and challenges faced by women riders, the team aims to drive positive change, promote equity, innovation, and mindset change and empower women to excel in the sport.

Q: Why a special jersey for the Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift 2023?

A: The special jersey, prominently worn by the UAE Team ADQ during the Tour, symbolises unity and opportunity. It visually represents the team’s commitment to promoting women in cycling, and it aims to capture global attention, spark conversations, and inspire others to support the campaign’s objectives.

Q: Who is targeted?

A: The campaign invites all stakeholders, including athletes, sponsors, media, and enthusiasts, to actively participate. It encourages individuals, organisations, and the cycling community at large to rally behind the cause, support women riders, and work towards creating a more inclusive and equitable cycling industry.

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