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Team Tibco – SVB Founder Linda Jackson announces development team, Fount Cycling Guild

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Team TIBCO Silicon Valley Bank Founder, Linda Jackson, announced a new Seattle-based development team, Fount Cycling Guild. Fount, a relatively unknown amateur team, featured prominently at the US PRO Road Nationals with a third-place finish for Veronica Ewers. Fount Cycling Guild is a grassroots club team of over 90 riders, which focuses on developing riders and preparing them for domestic elite teams.

Jackson elaborates: “As we move Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank up to world tour status, it’s going to leave a void for development level riders in North America. Funding Fount through Silicon Valley Cycling Foundation, (SVCF), a 501c3 formed to develop promising female athletes into top international competitors, will help fill that void. Jennifer raced for Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank in 2011 and 2012, and we have stayed in touch over the decade since. I think it’s fair to say that Jennifer and I are equal in our passion for helping aspiring female cyclists. We both do have the experience, time and desire to invest in women.  SVCF’s contribution is a start on the funding side, but we are looking for others to step in to help fund the team,” Jackson said. There are so many people who are passionate about fixing the discrepancies between men’s and women’s cycling. This is a great way to take action on that issue.”

Fount is known for identifying athletes from backgrounds including rowing, bobsled, and soccer, and transforming them into professional riders, and it’s envisaged that it will assist in scouting talent and bringing riders across to the pro ranks earlier.

“I believe that by investing in the early recruitment and development of talented female athletes we will broaden the base of the women’s world tour pyramid,” Jackson adds. “Right now, there are 20-30 women that dominate the elite racing calendar. Jennifer’s program has already propelled Veronica Ewers into the World Tour, and I am sure she will produce many more entrants into the peloton.”

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