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We all need a little pick-me up, right? In the Vox Kitchen today, Luxembourg champion and Boels Dolmans rider Christine Majerus is baking her “Lockdown Feel Good Desert” plus a bonus breakfast option! Yum…

Tuesday March 03 2020
Le Samyn des Dames (1.2) – One day race: Quaregnon – Dour (94,9km)
Christine Majerus (LUX) of Boels Dolmans Cycling Team (2nd)
Photo: Francesco Rachello /
Pasteis de Nata 
Pasteis de Nata is a Portugese desert, and I would call it Lockdown Feel Good desert. It’s something I wouldn’t usually bake myself, but instead buy at a bakery in the middle of a long ride. But as I can’t ride outside anymore there is no bakery stop anymore! As it is my favourite bakery treat, and I think during lockdown its good to have from time to time something nice, I tried it out myself.
Puff pastry (you can make yourself, but I am lazy and bought one ready made)
3dl cream (I use soya cream)
2dl milk (I use soya milk)
6 eggs ( only the yolks/yellows but don’t throw away the whites, there is another recipe below!)
20 g flour
100 g sugar
Add vanilla extract if you like
Mix the milk and cream. Heat it up.
While the milk and cream heat up, mix egg yolks, sugar and flour.
Add the egg mix to the milk and cream and heat it up a little.
Take off the heat and allow it to cool.
Prepare cases of puff pastry and fill with the egg and milk mix.
Heat at 180 degrees for 20 minutes.
They will puff up, and once you take them out, they will fall down again – this is normal!
Eat with whatever toppings you like!
But what about those egg whites? Use them for something else! I made pancakes which I put in the freezer and can take out whenever i want to change my breakfast routine from oats, to pancakes.
160g flour
4 egg whites
1 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp sugar
160 ml milk
2 spoons of oil (without taste)
Beat the egg whites
Mix flour, sugar, baking powder together. Then add milk and oil.
Add egg whites and leave for 30 minutes.
Pour the batter into a pan and make pancakes.
Eat or save for later.

Get baking! Send us photos of your creations.

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