Team Partners With Lourdes

Human Powered Health Cycling is joining forces with the city of Lourdes to establish a new hub for team activity in the rider-friendly region for two years. The French city, situated in the foothills of the Pyrenees, will act as a base for training camps and preparation for races in the region like the upcoming Tour Féminin Pyrénées and Tour de France Femmes. French champion Audrey Cordon-Ragot calls it the ideal destination “for mental and physical preparation.”

Lourdes is close to more than 15 climbs in the region, accessible by bike. Away from sport, the city is also world-famous as a pilgrimage site and has a rich history dating back to antiquity. The team will enjoy top-notch accommodation in the city and endless options for training.

“The Pyrenees are a beautiful place to train,” said Audrey Cordon-Ragot. “Lourdes is the perfect place for this because you can get to almost every big climb easily from the city. I love to explore the city when I have rest days, making it the ideal base for physical and mental preparation.”

“Lourdes is a fantastic cycling destination and one of the most magnificent places to ride a bike,” said Human Powered Health Cycling’s partnership marketing manager, Pat Lemieux. “We’re excited for our team to have Lourdes as a base for training. We look forward to seeing this partnership come alive.”

The team held its first camp in Lourdes this week, reconning crucial parts of this year’s Tour de France Femmes like the category one Col d’Aspin and HC Col du Tourmalet. The team has been in preparation for the three-day CIC Tour Féminin International des Pyrénées, starting June 9th.

“We are delighted and proud of this partnership,” said Laurent Ponzo, director of development and marketing for the Lourdes Tourist Office. “It’s always an event to welcome sports teams to Lourdes. It’s important to us that these teams feel welcome and find everything they need here to practice their sport to the fullest.” Lourdes and Human Powered Health’s values align. The team’s platform for better living via its “four pillars” approach – movement, fuel, mindset, and recovery – was a draw for the city’s tourism office. “We value the promotion of women’s sport in particular and caring for the well-being of each individual, whether it’s their body, mind or spirit. Lourdes is an ideal base camp for this. We hope that the women here, and the rest of the team someday will feel at home.”

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