Strong Second For Schreiber

Marie Schreiber achieved a World Cup podium finish in Flamanville for the first time in her still young career. The Luxembourg champion started well and pulled off a great performance throughout the cross, in order to achieve a stunning second place for the 20-year-old rider. In doing so, Marie made history for her country. She is the first Luxembourg woman to be on the podium in a WorldCup cyclocross race among the elites. 

“My goal this season was to ride top three once among the elites in the World Cup. It’s a great feeling to finish second. Everything went smoothly today, so I’m satisfied with my race.”

Marie Schreiber started the cross in Flamanville like a cannonball. “My start was good and I was happy when Leonie Bentveld came to the front. That allowed me to take back some gas and get into her wheel. I rode the first lap at my own pace. The lines had changed a bit compared to the course reconnaissance. Since Bentveld was in front, I could see how she took her lines. Then when Lucinda Brand came to the front, I knew I couldn’t follow. So I tried to concentrate on myself. In the second lap I made some mistakes, which taught me that it was faster to finish the technical zone off the bike. So I did that for the rest of the cross and ended up dragging in that coveted second place. So I’m happy about my race.”

Unlike last season, Schreiber was able to carry her fast start through to the end. “Last year I was sometimes over-motivated, so I blew myself up at the beginning of the cross. Now I didn’t ride the first lap as fast as usual. I’ve learned to still get off the line fast and then temporise a bit to save my energy for the rest of the cross.”

This tactic worked out well in Flamanville, with a second place the result. “It’s fantastic to be able to tick off that goal. What’s next..? Above all, I want to ride a consistent season. To be good every week. And also the world championships are important for me, but it’s still a long way to that.”

Blanka Vas was also in action in Flamanville. After two previous seventh-place finishes in Kortrijk and Boom, the Hungarian champion finished thirteenth in only her third cross of the season. Schreiber’s compatriot Majerus finished 11th in Boom and did not compete in Flamanville.

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