Servais Looks Back at Tour of Scandinavia

Last week, six riders from AG Insurance – Soudal Quick-Step, including team leader Ashleigh Moolman Pasio and her strong entourage of Maaike Boogaard, Julia Borgström, Anya Louw, Maud Rijnbeek, and Ilse Pluimers, competed on the roads of Norway and Denmark for the Tour of Scandinavia.

Throughout these five stages, the team riders consistently showcased their strength and played a part in the finale, with Ashleigh securing a sixth and a ninth place. Maaike Boogaard took a top-5 finish in the individual time trial held in Denmark, while on the final day, Anya Louw went on the attack for a remarkable 50 kilometres.

“I can definitely describe the past week as a very good one, featuring a mix of experienced riders like Ashleigh and five young riders who consistently supported her,” said team manager Servais Knaven. “It was a week in which everyone learned a lot, but also a week where, of course, we had hoped to achieve a bit more in the standings with Ashleigh. In short, we look back with satisfaction on a fantastic tour. Additionally, I’d like to mention that this race was exceptionally well organised. Top-notch competition!”

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