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The Rapha Women’s 100

The ninth edition of the annual Rapha Women’s 100 global challenge will be held on Sunday 12th September.

The Rapha Women’s 100 is a celebration of women’s cycling. Since 2013, it has inspired thousands of women to come together, share the road and cycle 100 kilometres on the same day. 

Following a year of riding apart, the ninth edition will feature group rides hosted across Rapha’s Clubhouse and partner café networks  in locations around the world. All women; teammates, friends, those new to the sport and racers alike, will come together on Sunday 12th September.

The Rapha Women’s 100 2021 design celebrates the trailblazers of women’s cycling. The collection draws inspiration from the women who pioneered the first ever women’s cycling clubs, as well as the Women’s 100 logo. 

The Women’s 100 collection will be available from Tuesday 27th July to enable women to train in the kit in the run up to 12th September. Training rides will take place from most Clubhouses (COVID restrictions permitting), as well as on Zwift. Virtual community rides will also take place on Sunday 12th September. 

The collection will be available from Tuesday 27 July on rapha.cc, with registration for the Women’s 100 opening at the end of July at rapha.cc/womens100

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