Kasia Niewiadoma: Time out to recover, La Course, the Giro and 2018

Hi Hi Hi!

It’s been a long time since I wrote to you guys! Right now I’m sitting on the couch…actually I’m laying down trying to get some rest after a hard training session today. My legs aren’t responding to me particularly well at the moment. Although this is actually pretty normal and predictable after taking a small break from the bike, a break that I really needed! I had a few days where I could focus on something other than cycling and I want to share with you one really important thing that I have learnt during this time.

Life without using my phone is soooo much better!! I spent the last few days without checking all of my social media channels every ten minutes and without worrying whether someone had responded to my messages. This quiet time made me realise how much time I actually spent on my phone ignoring people around me and closing my mind to the new things surrounding me. Over the past few days I have been present in every moment that I have spent with my friends and family. I learned how to listen more and how to enjoy the simple things.

But this isn’t the only thing… I started to appreciate my job much, much more. Cycling is sooo beautiful and to be honest over the last few weeks I had lost those sensations. I haven’t been feeling well and haven’t been in great shape during important races where I wanted to perform well! I was aiming for the victory at the Giro and La Course but instead it was a huge disappointment. I won’t hide it, winning Women’s Tour gave me a lot of confidence. I was sharp and strong in my mind. It made me think that it would be only a matter of time before I took another place on the podium. It was stupid of me but that is how I felt!

I wanted to continue to train hard to keep my shape on the same or even better level and didn’t pay that much attention to recovery. I don’t know why I did this actually…Before Giro I was feeling a bit stressed. I wanted to perform well to get a nice result for me and my team. Now the results are known, I finished 6th and that is kind of painful for me. If I am honest, this isn’t something that I want to talk too much about as it makes me feel really anxious. 

So, onto other subjects! After Italy I got back to Girona and then went to France for La Course! I want to say HUGE CONGRATS to Annemiek who was flying up this climb! She was amazing!!!!! Woah! Even now I’m still impressed with her performance!

August.. oh man.. it’s August already! So just few races left and then the season is over! I want to make sure I prepare myself really well for the coming races as it’s the only possible way to finish off great year spent with my team! As many of you probably might have heard already I’m going to change my cycling kit.?  My first big transfer.. from 2018 I’m joining Canyon//SRAM Team!!!!!!!!

I’m super thrilled to open a new chapter in my career but also a little bit sad to be leaving my current team! I have a lot of friends and good relationship with every member, but I hope we can maintain it 🙂

Thanks for cheering and supporting! And see you on the road!

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