Recipe: Bircher Muesli

This recipe contains great fibre, carbohydrates and protein. And you can make this ahead of time for a fast healthy breakfast. 

Bircher muesli is made by soaking the oats overnight. Oats are slow-digesting so they are low GI. And can keep you fuller for longer. This recipe is made with hazelnut milk which tastes good and makes it nice and creamy. It’s dairy, gluten and sugar free. 

This recipe serves six people. And you’ll need to prepare the day before to let it soak overnight.

Kitchen tools you will need

Hand grater 


300 grams Whole steel cut oats 

750 grams Hazelnut milk sugar free. 

Pinch of sea salt 

450 grams Grated apple skin left on, (about 3 apples). 

1 Tsp Ground cinnamon 

1 Tsp Apple cider vinegar 

90 grams of roasted hazelnuts 

Seeds and berries of your choice can be added too. 


In a large mixing bowl, grate the apples into the bowl just until the core of the apple. Discard the apple core. Chop the hazelnut nuts roughly or crush them in a bag. Add all other ingredients, combine the mixture well. 


Place the mixture into an airtight container, then place in the fridge overnight. Stir before serving, you can always adjust the consistency by adding more or less milk. 

Serve with fresh fruit and berries. 

Will keep up to 3 days in a cold fridge for those fast breakfast on the go.


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