Nikki and Matt Brammeier to change the face of UK ‘cross with the MUDIIITA Cyclo-cross Project

Nikki and Matt Brammeier are pleased to unveil the MUDIIITA cyclo-cross project; designed to increase UK ‘cross participation and create an achievable pathway to nurture young riders through to the highest ranks of the sport. Comprising of a pro cyclo-cross team, a cyclo-cross academy, ‘cross clinics and coaching programs, January 1st will see MUDIIITA’s long-term vision come to life.

Through the MUDIIITA ‘cross project, the cycling duo have their sights firmly set on inspiring, identifying and nurturing the next generation of cyclists focusing primarily on grassroots development. With ‘cross clinics designed to strengthen and inspire young riders, an academy providing a pathway up to the top tier of the sport, a coaching program covering all of cycling’s disciplines and a professional cyclo-cross team, MUDIIITA covers all bases of a young cyclist’s journey through the sport, bringing something new and exciting for the current and next generation of cyclists.

“Our aim is to inspire a generation and create a realistic pathway through to the top tier of the sport. We wanted to bundle all the different steps of a young rider’s journey through the ranks together, and create a safe and professional environment where riders can focus fully on development and enjoyment of the sport. With the support of our partners Canyon, SRAM, Brother UK and more, we are confident that this is the perfect pathway for cyclists of the future to reach their full potential”, explained Matt.

Whilst Matt continues to ride for Aqua Blue Sport for 2018, Nikki will wear the colours of the MUDIIITA Canyon Pro Team. The team will ride on Canyon’s Inflite CF SLX Race frames, SRAM Force® 1 HRD groupsets and Zipp wheel sets, with kit designed by BioRacer to be revealed on January 1st.

“We’re both so passionate about this project and cyclo-cross in general,” said Nikki. “Cycling has brought us so much over the years and we want to help other riders on their journey through the sport. I’m really looking forward to wearing the colours of something we’ve built together. The pro team is the highest tier of our vision; we hope that through our Skillz ‘n Drillz clinics, coaching and our ‘cross academy, we can bring young riders up to elite level and that we’re able to inspire their journey through the MUDIIITA Canyon Pro Team.”

“We are proud to be partnering with MUDIIITA in 2018,” said Nick Allen, Canyon’s UK Market Manager. “MUDIIITA is a UK cyclo-cross project with the objective of increasing the exposure and participation of this increasingly popular cycling discipline. Canyon are fully committed to investing in cyclo-cross with the aim of raising the profile of this sport and making it more accessible. This is why working with MUDIIITA makes perfect sense. Not only will we be supporting the current UCI British Cyclo-cross Champion and MUDIIITA rider Nikki Brammeier who will be racing atop our Inflite CF SLX in 2018 but we’ll also be supporting MUDIIITA with their CX clinics and coaching sessions around the UK.”

Phil Jones, Managing Director of Brother UK said: “Hearing about the grand vision to scale UK cyclo-cross to the same level as that in Belgium really inspired me, we love ambitious plans and people at Brother UK and MUDIIITA are thinking big.  The idea of providing a platform for anyone, of any age or capability to race in a safe environment seems very sensible as our roads become more and more unpredictable.  Nikki and Matt Brammeier have a huge amount of experience, knowledge and acumen to realise a grand vision.  We’re right behind them.”

Alongside coaching, Skillz ‘n Drillz sessions, the academy and professional team, MUDIIITA has also teamed up with the Cycling Podcast with the creation of a cyclo-cross specific show, – ‘The Cyclocross Podcast by Mudiiita’ – immersing fans deeper into the sport. Full details of The Cyclocross Podcast are to be revealed by MUDIIITA’s partners ‘The Cycling Podcast’ in their December 20th episode.

MUDIIITA Canyon’s first race will be GP Sven Nys on January 1st, 2018. Dates for cyclo-cross clinics will be announced in the new year and information on coaching sessions can be found at

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