Merged Team Welcomes New Names

Team Jayco AlUla will expand in size in 2024 as the UCI World Team merges with Liv Racing TeqFind. The team’s women’s squad continues to strengthen and add depth with the welcomed arrival of many new names.

Following the confirmation of Spanish Champion Mavi García as one of the team’s lead riders in the 2024 Team Jayco AlUla set-up, her fellow Liv Racing TeqFind Dutch teammates Quinty TonSilke SmuldersJeanne Korevaar and Swede Caroline Andersson, will also be part of the merger and are eager to form part of what will be an enhanced Australian outfit for the coming season.

The increasing team size symbolises the squad and Liv Cycling’s ambitions for the future, with the intention of combining and utilising the strengths from both World Teams. The merger creates a well-balanced and diverse group heading into the Team Jayco AlUla’s 13th season in the professional women’s peloton.

Brent Copeland – Team Jayco AlUla General Manager said of the coming season, “Our women’s team is significantly expanding in size for 2024 as we continue to welcome new names into the team roster. Our merger with Liv Racing TeqFind has enabled us to really strengthen and evolve in all areas and it has given us so much pleasure and satisfaction to see it all come together and with everybody’s real passion and motivation. Thanks to Eric van den Boom for the effort that has been put in make this work and a special thanks to the incredible support Liv Cycling has made to make this project a reality. 

These four new riders we have joining all have such diverse skillsets and I am sure it will enable us to step up to another level in 2024. We are very busy finalising everything as the 2023 season begins to draw to an end and we certainly have a lot of motivation and excitement for our women’s team in 2024!”

Eric van den Boom – Team manager Liv Racing TeqFind, and next season’s manager in the women’s cycling development pyramid of Team Jayco AlUla added, “These four riders symbolise the philosophy we – Liv Racing TeqFind and Team Jayco AlUla – share. It’s all about scouting talents at an early stage, enabling them to develop to their maximum potential and ultimately winning races with them. Jeanne Korevaar, for example, has been part of our team since she was 17 and is a very valuable team player. And the other three young riders have proved over the past year that they have taken a huge step forward, plus still have a lot of untapped potential. It’s great to start a new era with them, as well as with Mavi García who brings a lot of power at top level.”

Caroline Andersson

Date of birth: 29th July 2001 (22)

Nationality: Swedish

“Team Jayco AlUla and Liv Racing TeqFind are two teams that have been competing at the highest level in women’s cycling for a long time. By merging, you combine forces and create synergy. I am convinced that something very beautiful can come out of this. In the first talks and meetings in preparation for next season, I feel everyone is highly motivated to set high standards.

  At Team Jayco AlUla, I will meet an old acquaintance: Ingvild Gåskjenn. I rode with her for two seasons in the same team before moving to Liv Racing TeqFind. We are very close, so it is nice that our paths cross again. Furthermore, I like the fact that several current teammates are also in the team in 2024. For example, I did a lot of races together with Mavi García. During the season, the teamwork on the race went better and better. Hopefully that will go even one step better next season.

A funny thing is the parallels with Liv Cycling, our main partner that gives a very clear signal with its multi-year commitment. Before I came to Liv Racing TeqFind I was already racing Liv Cycling’s bikes. And in 2024, the equipment will remain unchanged.”

Jeanne Korevaar

Date of birth: 24th September 1996 (26)

Nationality: Netherlands

“I have been riding for Liv Racing TeqFind since 2015. I have become familiar with the team and have always felt comfortable here. The team’s philosophy and approach have largely brought me to where I am today. For that reason, I am thrilled to start a new, promising chapter with the team.

The merger with Team Jayco AlUla offers many opportunities for me personally, I believe. Two cycling cultures are coming together: Australian and Dutch. Both have their own distinctive characteristics and many strong aspects. Combining them can create new impulses. Hopefully I can improve further that way. I would really like to set a strong series of spring classics; I feel there is a potential for that. The motivation and drive to go for success in 2024 are great, although of course I still want to finish the current season in a good way first.

The idea behind the merger plan of Liv Racing TeqFind and Team Jayco AlUla also appeals to me. I am in favour of everything related to the development of our sport, and this thoughtful, comprehensive plan with a Continental Team for talent development alongside the World Team certainly contributes to that. Women’s cycling has grown considerably in recent years. The top has become stronger, making it harder for talents to move up to the highest level. With the cycling plan, Team Jayco AlUla fills a gap.”

Silke Smulders

Date of birth: 1st April 2001 (22)

Nationality: Netherlands

“This season I had a good level in particularly La Vuelta Femenina and Le Tour de France Femmes. I also felt valuable in the supporting role for our team leader Mavi García. Next season I hope to be able to make another step up and to get stronger and in the new team environment, where Liv Racing TeqFind will be woven into the existing, professional structure of Team Jayco AlUla, I should be able to grow as a rider.

I have really enjoyed the past two years. I always felt the confidence from the team management. The fact that I will be part of the merger team next season reflects that confidence is still strong. At Team Jayco AlUla, I will be working together with familiar faces from Liv Racing TeqFind, but also with other people who are also very capable.

It feels very good that Team Jayco AlUla is a team that is strongly committed to talent development. Women’s cycling is currently growing so fast that it is important for the young guard to keep connection with the sub top and top. Thanks to the establishment of a Continental Team, this is possible. It is excellent that Team Jayco AlUla is investing in the next generations, who will have a great racing programme and can benefit from the team’s knowledge and expertise.”

Quinty Ton

Date of birth: 4th August 1998 (25)

Nationality: Netherlands

“At Liv Racing TeqFind I have made a major step forward and gained the confidence that much more is possible. The fact that I immediately achieved a top-ten result in the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad last spring, my first WorldTour race of the year, gave me a tremendous boost. It made my love for the spring classics even more intense, although I also really like the stage races. It’s no coincidence that I finished all three grand tours this season.

It is very nice that I can now continue the cooperation at Team Jayco AlUla with several teammates and staff members who gave me confidence. By combining the knowledge and experience of two familiar teams in women’s cycling, the possibilities may reach a little further. We are already working on 2024 in the background. I experience a lot of professionalism, inspiration and, above all, a good will to go for the maximum. That only increases your motivation to go for successes with Team Jayco AlUla.”

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