La Vuelta Femenina To Depart From Torrevieja

The first edition of La Vuelta Femenina by will depart from Torrevieja. The official announcement was made this morning at a meeting in the Gala Dining Room of the Consejo Superior de Deportes in the presence of a group of dignitaries including: José Manuel Franco, President of the CSD, Bárbara Fuertes, Deputy Director of ‘Mujer y Deporte’, Eduardo Dolón, Mayor of Torrevieja, Diana Box, Councillor for Sports from Torrevieja, Raúl Uría, Carrefour Sponsorship Manager, and Javier Guillén, Executive Director of Unipublic. Dori Ruano, track cycling World Champion and Spanish road and time trial champion, also attended the event and will act as the race’s ambassador.

“It is a source of enormous pride that Spain signifies, hand in hand with sport, a leading country in the development and promotion of women,” said José Manuel Franco. “The fact of welcoming one of the three great cycling tours, with an event that has gained its own space on the international calendar, reinforces the importance that women’s sports already has in our country. In this sense, I must highlight the commitment of public institutions, Unipublic and Carrefour, which this year has joined the Universo Mujer program to support La Vuelta Femenina. The Consejo Superior de Deportes is especially proud to add this kind of support. The public policies the Spanish Government is promoting in favour of equality have a greater impact when accompanied by the support and initiative of the private sector. Carrefour’s collaboration allows us to move faster in building a better future for the women and girls of our country,”

Mayor Eduardo Dolón added, “At the Torrevieja City Council we are pleased to have this very satisfactory synergy once again between La Vuelta and Torrevieja. We are about to celebrate four years since the historic start of La Vuelta from the Salinas de Torrevieja. The promotion of women’s sports is what motivated us most to unite, once again, with the event.  We have held international events, such as the Handball World Championship and we wanted to be present at the first edition of La Vuelta Femenina. Thanks to the Diputación Provincial de Alicante, we managed to be the start of the great Spanish Tour again. We are motivated to create a different start to the race. We will have a background image of Las Salinas, but we are going to give a lot of presence to the sports city, which is one of the most important in the south. We want to link cycling and La Vuelta. We are very happy and grateful the race is coming, as we say, to its home, Torrevieja.”

“La Vuelta Femenina is a project that we have worked on with great care and enthusiasm together with essential partners, such as the Consejo Superior de Deportes, Carrefour, and all the host venues and sponsors that will make this first edition possible,’ Javier Guillén of Carrefour proudly explained. “It is a source of pride that Costa Blanca and Torrevieja are once again committed to top-level cycling, as they already were with the start of La Vuelta in 2019. If we have one of the three most important races in men’s cycling, it is essential to have one of the three greats in women’s cycling. La Vuelta Femenina by was born and will grow with a new identity and with its strength. We are looking forward to announcing the full tour next week.”

The race will be held from May 1 to 7, 2023, with a seven-stage route. The complete route will be revealed next Tuesday, February 28 at 19:00h. The gala will take place at the Torrevieja International Music Conservatory Auditorium and will be broadcast live on Teledeporte and the social networks of the race. 

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