Knight Composites partners with Voxwomen for women’s rights to “bloody good stuff!”

Knight Composites is very proud to announce a new relationship with Women’s cycle racing video specialists, Voxwomen.
Based in the UK, Voxwomen was started a year ago in an effort to raise the awareness of professional women’s racing and to inspire more women to participate in, and enjoy the sport. Knight’s CEO, Beverly Lucas, saw an opportunity to use Voxwomen as a way to get more women aware of the choices they had in high performance products – like Knight wheels – and so reached out to them with a promotional offer to introduce Knight directly to women, and give them “some bloody good stuff.”

“I’ve been really good mates with Anthony McCrossan for years, and he’s always been at the forefront of bringing technology to cycling,” said Knight CEO Beverly Lucas. “When he launched Voxwomen, I was really pumped as I saw this as a way that everyday women – like me – with a keen interest in women’s racing, could actually watch the races that were otherwise buried under some obscure TV channel not necessarily available on mainstream televisions or webcasts. Women’s racing is finally starting to get some traction in the media, and I look at Voxwomen as pioneers in helping spread the word how rewarding and exciting it is.”

Lucas’ belief is also that women want the best components on their bikes but are often intimidated to make a high end, performance spec a requirement. She believes that women being able to see what other women are riding, as they can by watching the video content on Voxwomen and on The Voxwomen Cycling television show; is a good educational tool for them. “When I owned a bike shop, there would be all of these blokes coming in and asking for the best specs, and it was pretty much a guarantee that product managers had already spec’d that on their performance category bikes. For a woman to get the same, she would have to sit down with me and plan a build from the frameset up. Times are changing now but it’s still the norm to find a dumbed down spec for women, because the general consensus in the industry is that is what we want. I say “bugger that – give us the best stuff because we’ve bloody earned it.”

Anthony McCrossan, Voxwomen Founder, agreed “From what we know from our viewer feedback, women want really good quality, high performance bikes, and wheels are the best components you can add to a bike to completely change the way it feels.

“Beverly is a key woman in the cycling industry and has always championed the female side of the sport. I have worked with her on numerous times over the last few years and I’m delighted that Voxwomen has the opportunity to partner with her company, Knight Composites.  Beverly’s experience of working with some of the industry’s top brands is certainly reflected the products available and we hope fans and followers of Voxwomen enjoy this fantastic offer and we see riders enjoying some fast riding on these well engineered wheels.”

“It would be great to see more women riding Knight wheels, but it’s also my hope that more product managers will reach out to women directly, engage us and give us better choices”, added Lucas. “Women’s cycling isn’t going backwards, and if I have to be the ‘suffragette’ to rev up the industry to deliver more choices and opportunities, then I’m excited to play my part.”

Voxwomen fans and followers will receive a 20 % discount on Knight products by using the code: superfastvoxwomen

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