K2 Women Team Is Born

A new year means new challenges and adventures. The year 2024 also brings great news: the birth of the K2 WOMEN TEAM – a women’s team that will be part of the UCI Women’s Continental Teams circuit.

The K2 Women Team is based in Novara, Italy and benefits from the experience gained by last season’s GB Women’s Team, from which it inherits staff and several athletes. This project was the passion project of team manager Massimo Ruffilli, who set wheels in motion back in 2021. The foundation of the project is the idea of creating a team in which young female athletes have the opportunity to grow and have big aspirations, while always having precise goals. Commitment and stubbornness are the hallmarks of this young team that is now ready to go into battle in both national and international competitions.

10 athletes make up the roster of the team, which includes 8 Italian riders, one athlete from Great Britain and one from Bulgaria. The Italian teammates originate from 6 different regions: Piemonte, Abruzzo, Molise, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lazio and Tuscany.

6 of the 10 athletes continue on from last season’s test-run experience:  Gemma Sernissi, Vittoria Ruffilli, Giulia Giuliani, Noemi Lucrezia Eremita, the Bulgarian Ivana and Tess Lawson from Great Britain.

There are 4 new entries to the team, all of whom are under 23: Matilde Bertolini, Alice Papo, Sara Pellegrini, and Rebekka Pigolotti. The youngest athlete is Giada la Cioppa, who is the only junior athlete on the team.

The team staff is led by Abruzzo-based sports director Enrico Giuliani, a former rider who has already accumulated decades of experience among under-23 men’s teams.

The team is currently at a training camp in Calpe to prepare for the upcoming races. The K2 Women Team’s season will begin with the challenge Mallorca.

Enrico Giuliani said, “The K2 Women Team is a very young team and our goal is, first and foremost, to grow in small steps. We have created an environment in which all the girls feel free to express themselves and can confront their potential, but also their limitations. We are a very young team, practically all the girls are in their early twenties and are just entering the women’s cycling scene. The year 2023 was a test year for me and the team, we were just born and still didn’t know our direction, we kind of ran in. With 2024, the K2 Women Team project is officially born and we are ready to make a quantum leap. We will run the whole Italian calendar, but we will also go abroad, comparing ourselves with new realities especially to give the girls the chance to gain as much experience as possible.”

 Let the adventure of the K2 Women Team begin!

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