Hazelnut Choc Squares

The roasted hazelnuts combined with the 100 percent cacao powder almost tasted as though a hint of Nutella was in the recipe. But it’s not! These are moist and easy to eat on the bike. They are good fuel for a longer endurance ride as the nuts are slower to digest. Hazelnuts are packed with minerals, antioxidants and healthy fats.


Kitchen tools you will need for this recipe:

Food processor and rolling pin.



-200 grams roasted hazelnut meal

-490 grams of pitted medjool dates

-3 Tbsp cacao powder

-100 grams oats

-15 grams melted coconut oil

-Tsp salt

-1 Tbsp water (if not coming together)



Mix all in a food processor, in two lots if you have a small food processor.

Mix until all is combined and has formed into a dough.

Place mixture in between two pieces of greaseproof paper, with the rolling pin roll and shape into a 25 cm wide x 21 cm flat shape about half a cm thick. (See photos)

Place in the fridge for 2 hours so it’s easier to cut. Cut into bite size squares and wrap in tin foil.

Store in the fridge or in the freezer to keep well preserved.



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