Happy New Year Voxwomen Friends

Hello and happy New Year to all of you, Voxwomen friends!

Another year has flown by and I will always think back about 2018 with warm heart and lots of good memories concerning my cycling career and my private life.

It has been for sure a year with many ups and down, but nothing is too hard or too bad or too big to overcome if you are surrounded by the right people and I feel blessed to have met some amazing persons trough my life who are now helping and living with me every step of my journey.

With this thoughts in my mind, I am super ready to face the new year and unavoidably all the challenges that it will bring.

One of the many beautiful rides I had with my team in Andalucia.

Talking about my preparation for the race season, everything is going smooth at the moment as with my team I had a super nice training camp in Malaga in December where, thanks to the  fact that the team is mostly staying the same and we could focus a lot on our physical preparation, we had plenty of time for long trainings in that beautiful area called Andalucia and with lots of climbing metres we gave a boost to our endurance form. 

Team building in Sierra Nevada: hiking up to 3600m above sea level.

I am a super fun of Spain, I love it as a Country, I love Spanish language, I really like Spanish people and every year I find it super relaxing the “swing mode” Spain gives us during our training camps with beautiful sceneries on the bike, good weather, groceries at Mercadona and tortillas at the end of the ride. As it was last December in Malaga.

A hard and long training camp means having a well deserved Christmas time at home with family, friends and beloved people. 

The famous “Panettone”: what every Italian eats on Christmas day  😉

I really enjoyed my time at home this year, I spent Christmas year and Christmas Day with mine and my boyfriend family and it was the easiest way to recharge the batteries and relax the mind.

Today, 6th of January, in Italy we celebrate the so called “Epifania”, it’s the last day of Christmas festivities and from tomorrow everyone is going to get back to work, shops and offices will get back to normal times, kids will be back at school and everything will run as normal. 

My training routine restarted already some days ago as I am still building my form for the season ahead. 

A busy schedule awaits for me next three months and if everything runs smooth and well, I am going to race all the major races, starting with Setmana Ciclista Valenciana in the end of February and then all the Spring Classics, including two of my favourite races, Tour of Flanders and Amstel Gold Race.

I will get back to you with my next blog in the end of April and I guess I will have a lot to talk about as in that period the first line of the season will be drawn heading to the next half. Let’s hope for a golden line 🙂

Happy New Year to everyone, keep on following and supporting Voxwomen and eventually don’t forget to follow also your dreams! 🙂


Bring on 2019!!! Photo @thomasmaeux

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