Good resolution.

Hi everyone reading, first of all I want to wish you an amazing and happy 2019 and thank you to the Voxwomen crew to give me this platform to express a bit of my experiences, opinions and feelings about cycling and many other subjects. 

All of us are the same, at 00hr the 1st of January we celebrate a new year, a new beginning, wishing secretly to ourselves to be a better person, cyclist or in a utopia, winning to the lottery!

This year I wanted to take a resolution which would help me to be a “better person” and which would serve a good cause at the same time. I didn’t take so much time to find it, as it all came out after our first training camp with my new team TREK SEGAFREDO in Sicily.

It was my first time down there in Italy, and I thought: Whaou! Sicily looks amazing from all the pictures and reports that I watched as a geography and travelling lover. After landing there it was a shock for me.

I discovered a beautiful island quite similar to Mallorca or even Corsica, wild landscapes, sun and good temperature. The only huge difference was the cleanliness! 

The sides roads were covered by all kinds of garbage you can’t even imagine: sofas, fridges, mattress, clothes… I found it un-expectable in a European country.

You’re probably wondering what’s my thought and what’s the relation with my good resolution of 2019? It’s quite easy to get actually: 

I wish I could respect OUR planet with acting more responsible.

How? I think everyone of us “cyclists” can put a stone to the edifice in our way to act.

I’ve been a witness of many wrong behaviours from riders throwing their wrappers and bottles away in the nature. I have many memories of going to the back of the bunch to get bottles from the car and asking myself if someone was celebrating her birthday dropping hundred confettis in front of the commissaires car, and no one thinking it was unacceptable! 

I saw Italian riders in their own country, dropping plastic bottles in Lake Como instead of waiting one kilometre to the next village where dozens of people were waiting to cheer us on.

I’m not accusing anyone, I have no longer been the perfect one but I really wish we could all pay attention to this part of our job to help change a small bit of this World.

It’s fair to think we should be more respected on the road, but in return we must respect the road! Life is not only about rights but also about duties.

I will be back in February, however in the meantime follow me on my twitter (@CordonRagot) and Instagram (@cordonragot).


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