Elena Cecchini – Hello from Italy

Hello everyone from Italy.

I’m so excited to be writing my first Voxwomen blog, (which is also my first blog ever) and tell you everything about my off season, my training camp with Canyon//SRAM and my training alone in Mallorca to rebuild my form and try to be in good shape for the Spring Classics season.

After a super long season like 2016, last October after the Doha World Championships, I felt that I really needed a long rest, both for my body and my mind.

So for two weeks I just stayed at home, enjoying good time with my family, my friends, my dog and eating some good Italian food that I was honestly missing too much after my Arabian campaign!

Then, it was finally time for some well deserved holiday with my boyfriend in a warm place filled with white beaches and blue sea – the Maldives.

I recommend this place to everyone who wants to just relax, lay down under the sun and swim with a huge amount of tropical fishes. The Maldives are a real paradise on earth. Elia and I had a great time there, and we had also the opportunity to experience Maldivian culture and food.

But, as always, good times pass too fast, so was soon time for us to come back home and start thinking about our beloved two wheels.

I restarted my preparation for 2017 in the middle of November, with a light program on my bike (I went out many times also with my MTB but honestly I think that I really need some technique lessons from my new team mate Pauline Ferrand-Prevot…) joined with some strength and core stability in the gym.

Spending time in the gym is becoming more and more important for us cyclists. In this way you can strengthen all the muscles that normally during the race season you forget or do not have time to train, the back, abs, shoulders…

In December it was time to meet my team Canyon//SRAM in Mallorca for our first training camp of the season. During this ten days we did really a lot of stuff. We trained long and quite hard as December is the most important month for creating the base of season, and every afternoon we did some social activities or meetings with our sponsors, photo shooting, interviews… We never have time to get bored!

(C)TinoPohlmann_Team_Portrait_TPO_WM N_CYCLING_MALLORCA_122016_0670

I love spending time with my team. Us girls are really close to each other, so we always try to take some time to stay together, discussing our goals for the upcoming season or about personal things. Normally, the best reflections come out during our long training, four or five on the bike means you have the chance to pair with most of the teamies and it’s a nice way to talk to each other.

(C)TinoPohlmann_Team_TPO_WMN_CY CLING_MALLORCA_122016_1021

Plus, December training camp is like having Christmas every day. We are spoiled from our sponsors who give us huge amounts of new stuff and equipment.

This year, training camp was quite different from last year as the team was more or less the same – same sponsors, same staff…we just had to welcome our new teamie Pauline, who from the first moment fitted 100% with the philosophy of Canyon//SRAM: I’m really looking forward to racing alongside Pauline this year, I’m sure we can do great things all together!


Training together makes the hours on the bike fly by, but sometimes you just need to pack your bag and organize yourself a training camp, especially when the weather is really cold like it is this year in Italy. So I spent almost all of January in Palma de Mallorca where I could do some nice but hard training blocks, adding some good kilometres in my legs and recovering properly during my afternoons with some coffee along the beach and some yoga and stretching classes.

Currently I am at home, focusing more on intensity trainings than on my endurance and most of all, enjoying “normal life” with my family. I like to help my Mum with the home works and cook some healthy dishes for my parents!

Less than one month is left from the start of 2017 racing season for me…

Stay tuned for more news, I will be happy to share my adventures with you all on Voxwomen!


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