EF Education-Cannondale Announces Performance Team

EF Education-Cannondale introduces the remaining members of the performance team, to work alongside general manager Esra Tromp and head sport director Carmen Small.

Daniel Foder

Joining Carmen as a sport director will be Daniel Foder. The Dane raced for a dozen years, before he was a DS on both men’s and women’s teams. His DS career began at Team Virtu Cycling, where he worked with the men’s team while Carmen worked simultaneously with the women’s team.

“We shared ideas and we planned training camps together,” Daniel explained. “We really supported each other, because we both had full responsibility for our teams. That’s why I wanted to work with Carmen again, because I know her quite well. We like to work in the same way, but we still have two different personalities, so I think we complement each other.”

It is not only the riders of the team who are fired up for the upcoming 2024 season.

“Having a new group of riders, a new team, that’s exciting,” Daniel admitted. “I want to be a part of the building process and I also want to prove that we can be successful. That’s the main thing. I believe the foundation of the team is strong. We’ve set high standards of how to do things.”

Emma Trott

As the team’s performance manager, Emma Trott will play many roles – coach, DS, and cheerleader!

“I’ll be coaching some of the riders, which means ensuring that their training is a good fit with what the sport directors are looking for with race programs. The riders I’m not coaching, I’m in touch with their coaches to make sure we’re all on the same page for preparing for the racing season.”

Emma recognises that there is much more to being a cyclist than just train, race, repeat.

“It’s about building the relationship with the riders, but actually building the relationship has nothing to do with cycling. It’s learning things like, what do you do for fun at home? Who is part of your family? Do you have pets? Because it’s easy to get too bogged down in the bike. They are more than just bike riders.”

Emma raced from 2008 until 2014, before she moved to New Zealand where she was a personal trainer. When she then realised how much she missed cycling, she returned to Europe and has spent the last five years with British Cycling. After just one conversation with team general manager Esra Tromp, Emma knew she wanted to join EF Education-Cannondale.

“That first conversation was two hours. I had to say to her, ‘I need to be at the track in 20 minutes and I’m still in my pyjamas!’ But I was buzzing coming off that call. I’d spoken to other teams in the past and I’d never been ready to jump ship, but I loved chatting with Esra and the vision of this team really spoke to me.”

Anna Carceller

Anna, who will be the team’s nutritionist, is also a medical doctor. For the last decade, she has worked primarily with female athletes in endurance sports, particularly in cycling and running, focusing on the role of nutrition in health and performance.

“For me, the most important thing is health, to ensure that all of the riders are healthy from a hormonal point of view and from a menstrual point of view because performance comes from health,” Anna said.

Anna has been closely involved in research throughout her career and is encouraged by the evolving understanding of women’s health and nutrition in recent years.

“The field used to treat men’s and women’s bodies the same, but for some years now, it’s been very clear that the female hormonal cycle has its own needs and rhythms,” Anna explained. “We must work within this framework for our female riders to be the best versions of themselves.”

Anna is delighted to know that EF Education-Cannondale is committed to women’s health.

“It’s so exciting that the team has this philosophy of prioritising health, prioritising menstrual cycles, and genuinely taking care of the riders. My role will be exactly that – taking care of the health of our athletes – so it’s just perfect!”

With this experienced and forward-thinking performance team in place, 2024 promises to be an exciting time ahead for EF Education-Cannondale.

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