Hello offseason! 

To be honest I’ve been looking forward to a break for quite a while. It’s been a long season and, even though I love racing, I could feel by the end of the season that I was tired. Physically and, properly mostly, mentally. 

What is the offseason about? I guess that it is quite different from rider to rider. And actually, also from year to year. I’m looking forward to being able to spend my time just how I want. Not having to ride my bike every day. Not having to think about if I’m fresh enough for my training the next day. Not having a bad conscience about not training.  

This year I’ve used my first week of offseason at home in Denmark. It has been a mix of relaxing, attending a few events, taking care of some practical stuff and seeing some friends. 

Normally when I am home during the season, I try to see a physiotherapist, get a massage or similar. 

To avoid having too many plans during offseason I was planning to skip my physio visit and then pick it up again when I will start my training. But that plan came to an end as I finished my season with the Track World Championship where I unfortunately crashed in the elimination race (3rd race of the omnium). I got back on the bike and kept racing, but I could feel my shoulder hurting. Now, a week later, I still can’t lift my right arm properly… stuff like doing a ponytail or taking off a t-shirt isn’t as easy with only one arm fully functional. Not sure it helped the healing process that I raced the Madison the day after, either… 

Photo credit: Jesper Skovbølle

So, when I got home, I went to a physio and I got checked, and now I have some daily exercises. I will see her again next week when I am back from a trip, and then we will see what to do. Hopefully it will be better by then with some rest and my exercises. I guess offseason is never completely off…

Injuries is an unfortunate yet inevitable part of being an athlete. And for most riders, offseason is a good time to deal with those injuries. Give the body some rest. During the season there isn’t really time to take a real break, so most of the time you must try if you can deal with minor injuries “on the go”, and then when offseason comes around it’s a good time to get it sorted for real! 

But shoulder exercises or not, I’ll go on a week-long holiday with my brother next week. I’m not sure I actually know how to pack a suitcase without cycling kit? And what do I actually put in my hand luggage when I don’t need my cycling shoes in there? 

It will be nice with a little holiday to recharge the batteries. Get my mind of things. So, when the scheduled training starts again, my body and mind are ready to work hard and get ready for the 2022 season ☺

Remember you can follow along on my social media. Instagram is properly where I’m most active @amaliedideriksen – but be prepared for some holiday pictures. You will not see a bike until November 11, where I’ll race Howart Compliance Women’s 3-days, a track race in Denmark. I guess I’ll be fresh, maybe I can go for heart rate medals in Training Peaks? 😉


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