Canyon//SRAM unveil their new look for 2022

CANYON//SRAM Racing revealed their new race kit for the 2022 season.

The UCI Women’s World Tour team revealed their newest look ahead of an exciting season and it’s fair to say they have gone above and beyond once again to continue their outstanding reputation for wearing the most distinctive and unique kit in the pro peloton.

The Teams Racing Manager, Ronny Lauke says;

“We are very pleased about the further commitment from Canyon to the team, becoming our high-quality clothing supplier. Creating such a meaningfully designed piece of cycling kit shows how serious it’s taken by the company. It keeps us also aware of further responsibilities we carry as a cycling team in addition to race performance, like our connection to the elements and the natural world around us.”

Former Belarusian road race champion, Alena Amialiusik who will race her seventh season with the team in 2022, said;

“I liked the jersey design when I first saw it on paper. After seeing and wearing it, I love the jersey. The ideas behind the design, the colours, the energy it gives me. I feel fresh and light in the new kit. I feel that I can be as strong as a storm, but if something unexpected happens, I am flexible, I can change my direction as fast as the wind and find a new plan. It’s special and unique, which is a lot like our team. I can’t wait to race in it.”

photo credit – Thomas Maheux.

Ultan Coyle, designer of the very first CANYON/SRAM racing kit back in 2016, took up the task again for the Teams newest look;

“Astral Burn is the title of the print design for the 2022 CANYON//SRAM Racing team livery. The print comprises nature’s meteorological displays and their associated human interpretations. The ambition of the print is to capture this phenomenal energy and imbue the athletes that wear it with this sense of power. In addition to this, diamonds were added to specific parts of the design to provide a counter to the visual chaos and serve as flashes to catch the eye.”

Roman Arnold, Founder of Canyon Bicycles;

“It is the seventh year of CANYON//SRAM Racing, but the first in which the Team will be fully outfitted in Canyon clothing. This is a major step forward for us, and one we are excited to take with such a bold, fresh design. As with our bikes over the years, this is a technical partnership: learnings from the riders will have a big impact on future clothing products we bring to the market. We’re proud of our long-term commitment to CANYON//SRAM Racing and are now extra motivated to see what the season ahead brings.”

And finally the Director of SRAM racing, Jason Phillips added;

“SRAM embraces change, respects bold, and we look forward to seeing the new kits at the front of the peloton for the seventh season of our partnership with CANYON//SRAM Racing.”

The team has stated that the new design of kit will be available to purchase in the coming weeks over on their website. Voxwomen will keep you updated of when the kit is available to buy, you can also follow their socials channels here to be first to know.


canyon kit 2022photo credit – Thomas Maheux.

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