Jemma McConville-Roe

“One of my goals is learning how to work with my own body in order to achieve my goals. Not suddenly being on the same page as your body is really hard for any active person, and was definitely a big shock to me.” Jemma McConville-Roe pens her first blog as part of the Vox Performance Project.

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Vox Performance Project Blog: Jade Evans

“It is quite overwhelming for me to look back over my journey the past 18 months to see how much progress I have made. The more I learn about endurance sport and fuelling the more I am embracing it and the less I am paying attention to how I look or how my body is changing.” Jade Evans reflects on an important topic in her blog as part of the Vox Performance Project.

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Vox Performance Project blog: Nadine Brody

“Now that I am in my 40s with two young children and a busy job, my challenge has switched to how can I still train for triathlons and improve without getting a mental breakdown!” Check out Vox Performance Project participant Nadine’s first blog!

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Voxwomen powered by Supersapiens

Lifeplus-Wahoo announce 2023 squad

The newly renamed Lifeplus-Wahoo team has announced its team for 2023. The team almost closed after the loss of a title sponsor but after the last minute signing of holistic wellness company Liefplus, the team was given a new lifeline

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VoxWomen powered by Supersapiens

Women’s UAE Tour unveils the route for the first edition

The official route, jerseys and sponsors for the first-ever edition of the Women’s UAE Tour were announced yesterday in the UAE.  At a press event the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, the race organisers, confirmed that the first edition of the race will start in Dubai and finish in Abu Dhabi. 

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