AG Insurance-Soudal Quick-Step To Become World Tour Team

On January 1, 2024, team AG Insurance-Soudal Quick-Step will take the next step on its exciting journey, when it becomes a World Tour Team under the name AG Insurance – Soudal. The team that emerged five years ago as a unique project, is dedicated to providing a solid foundation and equal opportunities for young female riders. It gives the athletes the chance to unleash their potential in the world’s biggest races. Reaching this level of success would not, the team acknowledges, have been possible without their sponsors supporting them daily to achieve such milestones.

“The leap to the World Tour division with our elite team is once again a milestone for our relatively young project,” said Team Manager Natascha den Ouden. “It’s like putting a roof on a house. Our project began five years ago with six juniors. When building a house, you don’t start with the roof. With this promotion to the highest level, we can offer our riders a few additional things: assurance for all major races and additionally, that extra development for our promising riders – the Next Generation that can ultimately make the leap to the World Tour as well.

We are very grateful to Patrick for introducing AG Insurance as our main sponsor, allowing us, along with this wonderful partner, to take these steps in women’s cycling. Also, all praise to the UCI for constructive discussions and listening to our vision regarding the development of women’s cycling in a sustainable way.

We look confidently towards the coming years where we want to make our mark even more prominently in Belgian and global women’s cycling,” Director Patrick Lefevere added. “Seeing our women’s team, AG Insurance – Soudal Quick-Step, grow into a World Tour Team after more than 20 years as Team Manager of our men’s team, Soudal Quick-Step, is something I observe with a certain pride. It reflects our hard work and underscores the importance of this project, where we focus on the development and growth of our riders.

I am pleased to witness this new milestone in my relatively long career, where not only our riders make significant strides, but also women’s cycling in general. We are rapidly evolving within women’s cycling towards better and more professional support, ensuring the growth opportunities for the riders. In the coming year, we will continue to strive for growth, success, and beautiful results at the World Tour level!”

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