A Rainbow Jersey For Vas

The party for Team SD Worx in Glasgow was completed behind the success of Kopecky, Vollering and Reusser by Blanka Vas and Anna Shackley. Four and a half minutes after Lotte Kopecky became elite world champion, Blanka Vas won the sprint for the U23 world title ahead of Shirin van Anrooij. Anna Shackley took bronze. In doing so, Team SD Worx secured a stunning four of the six medals in the road race. “I didn’t expect to win, because I didn’t feel super in the beginning,” Vas admitted, “But it’s a great feeling to be able to put on the rainbow jersey!”

After finishing fifth at the U23 mountain bike cross-country on Friday, Blanka Vas was finally able to clinch the coveted rainbow jersey for the first time in her career on Sunday. Right from the start, Blanka Vas coloured the race by slipping into the early breakaway. “That was the right decision, because my legs didn’t actually feel super. I couldn’t follow the pace on the climb and blew back to the peloton. When we got to the local circuit, I almost had to drop out on the first lap, but I felt myself getting better towards the end.”

Vas rode in a group of nine towards the finish, which included Shirin van Anrooij and teammate Anna Shackley. Both were also in with a chance of winning the U23 title. Blanka Vas won the sprint of the chasing group for 11th place, making her the best performing promising young rider and securing her succession to her Team SD Worx teammate Niamh Fisher-Black as U23 world champion.

Vas concluded, “I really didn’t expect to become world champion. I am very happy about this. It might have been even nicer if this was a separate race and you actually crossed the finish line first. It is special to be able to put on that coveted jersey. The fact that Lotte crowned herself elite world champion only makes it more beautiful. Whether I also hope to achieve this one day? Of course, but for that I need to improve a lot. For now, let me just enjoy this U23 title first!”

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