Sourdough French Toast 

This is a yummy breakfast or brunch idea and it’s a much healthier version of the traditional french toast. Serves 2-3.

Kitchen tools:

Oven baking dish 

Flat Pan 



2 eggs 

4 x slices of 2 day old good quality sourdough bread 

40 grams milk of your choice 

half tsp cinnamon powder 

1 tsp coconut oil for cooking the coated bread 

1 tsp of 100 percent vanilla extract 


Optional to garnish at the end:

2 x bananas 

100 grams frozen berries thawed 

200 grams Greek yogourt 

100 percent maple syrup 



In a long oven baking dish, add the eggs, cinnamon, vanilla extract and milk. Whisk well. Add the slices of sourdough bread to the mixture coating well. 

Heat the pan on medium heat with the coconut oil. 

Place coated bread into the heated pan and cook on each side for about 4 minutes or until golden. When cooked garnish with suggested toppings and enjoy!


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