2024 Amstel Gold – Race Report

How the race finished

Marianne Vos (Visma Lease a Bike) took the win as Lorena Wiebes (SD Worx Protime) celebrated too soon. Ingvild Gåskjenn (Liv ALula Jayco) had a breakthrough ride to take third.

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How it happened

In sunshine and unseasonable temperatures, the women set out to take on 157.8km of relentless rolling roads. With a hard day ahead the attacks came from the start. FDJ-Suez, Volkerwessels, and Lotto-Dstny Ladies were all keen to get riders up the road. Anne Knijnenburg of Volkerwessels got clear, quickly building a lead. Heidi Franz looked to bridge across, but the duo.

Attacking at 120km to go, Katia Ragusa (Human Powered Health) and Quinty Schoens (Volkerwessels) found a small gap but struggled to pull away. The pair hovered off the front for around ten kilometres. At 110km to go, the race was neutralised due to a vehicle accident which required passage of the roads – and without a claim to a definitive gap, Ragusa and Schoens restarted with the peloton.

An hour later, the race restarted on a rerouted course, reduced to only three of the local laps up the trio of climbs – the Bemelerberg, Geulhemmerberg and Cauberg. 

With so much of the original route removed, riders who would have relied on the climbs to make their moves had to make things hard from the gun. The first attacks came from defending champion Demi Vollering (SD Worx-Protime), Amber Kraak (FDJ-Suez) and Lucinda Brand (Lidl-Trek). 

Brand briefly found herself solo, but was caught on the Geulhemmerberg, where Elise Chabbey (Canyon//Sram Racing) attacked. Lotte Kopecky (SD Worx) covered things, and Elisa Longo Borghini (Lidl-Trek) looked to bridge across before Anna Henderson (Visma Lease a Bike) dragged the peloton back together.

Chabbey attacked again at 39km to go, and once again Longo Borghini went over the top, drawing a small group – notably missing any SD Worx Protime riders – clear. Vollering immediately saw the threat and showed her strength in a calm and realtively quick move across the gap. Alongside Longo Borghini, Vollering and Chabbey, Chabbey’s teammate Kasia Niewiadoma (Canyon//Sram Racing), Amber Kraak (FDJ Suez) and Anna Henderson (Visma Lease a Bike) were also up front. 

The peloton initially lacked cohesion, with riders looking at each other to chase. The six up front consolidated their lead, and despite it being early in the restarted race, it almost looked to be gone. With two riders present, and noticing Vollering and Henderson not working, Canyon//Sram Racing began to attack rather than help drive the breakaway. Behind them, a push on the front by Human Powered Health saw it all come back together at the base of the Geulhemerberg.

Eva van Agt (Visma Lease a Bike) attacked on the climb, and was followed by Ricara Bauernfeind (Canyon//Sram Racing) and Yaya Kastelijn (Fenix Deceuninck). Apparently happy with this change in the race situation, Kopecky managed the pace of the chasing peloton, allowing the trio to go clear. Anoushka Koster (Uno-X Mobility) saw the opportunity to jump across, and set off in pursuit of the leaders. 

Soon the trio out front had established a lead of over one minute, with SD Worx-Protime still patrolling the peloton. On the next climb Brand (Lidl-Trek) attacked again, this time being tracked by Elena Cecchini (SD Worx Protime) and Chabbey (Canyon//Sram Racing). Pfeiffer Georgi (dsm firmenich PostNL) bridged and went over the top, but a flurry of reactions behind brought it all back together again. 

After the pace had gone out, Elisa Longo Borghini (Lidl Trek) launched a huge attack from deep in the peloton, catching other riders off guard. The reaction was slow, but Visma Lease a Bike and SD Worx Protime took it up. Once again, Vollering closed the gap to Longo Borghini solo.

As they caught Koster, who had been in between the groups since she attacked the peloton much earlier, a small group clipped off. Koster and Susanne Andersen (Uno-X Mobility), Longo-Borghini and van Anrooij (Lidl-Trek), Chabbey and Niewiadoma (Canyon//Sram Racing), Pauliena Rooijakkers (Fenix Deceuninck), Fem van Empel (Visma Lease a Bike) and Vollering looked to be a dangerous group – but once again the peloton regrouped.

Ellen van Dijk (Lidl Trek) motor paced the peloton into the next climb, where her teammate Amanda Spratt took it up on the front, tracked by dsm-firmenich PostNL. Vollering was keeping a close eye on things near the front. Coming into the final lap, the leading trio had less than thirty seconds. On the flat roads the peloton couldn’t decide whose responsibility it was to chase.

Van Agt, who launched the original breakaway forming attack, attacked on the Bemelerberg, and Kasterlijn was dropped from the lead. In the peloton, attacks by Ella Wyllie (Liv ALula Jayco) were marked by Lotte Kopecky (SD Worx Protime). Kastelijn was able to claw her way back to the front, but an increase in pace behind led by SD Worx saw their lead begin to drop quickly. 

On the final ascent of the Cauberg Brand launched Spratt (Lidl Trek), who launched solo and quickly crossed to the leaders. Niewiadoma launched next, then Weibes, Longo Borghini and Vos picked up the pace. Vollering looked to keep things together for Wiebes to sprint, marking an attack by Kraak. 

Coming into the final kilometer, Vollering rode a high pace on the front to deter any attacks, leaving Wiebes without a leadout rider. Longo Borghini launched early with Wiebes on her wheel, almost trapping the sprinter in. Wiebes was able to find a way through an unleash her powerful sprint, quickly gaining bikelengths on the other riders. Thinking she had won, Wiebes raised her arms in celebration, only for a flying Marianna Vos to sail past her to take the win on the line.

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